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"Check Media" weirdness

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Ok, I have a location where we backup to a couple of rotating drives. Lets call them "1-Backup 1" and "1-Backup 2". For some reason retrospect doesn't seem to like "1-Backup 2". It keeps asking for "2-Backup 2" even though only 30 of 120 GB have been used on this drive. "1-Backup 1" works fine, and the drive is the same size. Any clue how I can get Retrospect to accept "1-Backup 2" without doing a recycle backup?


Retrospect version (6.1.126)

OSX version (10.4.10)

500 MHz PPC G4 Tower

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Lets call them "1-Backup 1" and "1-Backup 2".



Would probably be better if you described your configuration more thoroughly. No matter what the name of the Backup Sets are, what matters (to readers on the Forum) is to understand what Type of Backup Sets you're using, what the Source of your backups is/are, what Devices (if any) are bing used, whether you are using Scripts or Immediate executions, etc etc etc.

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