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Help with email notification script...

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Trying to get the email notification working. Retro 6.1126, Mac 10.4.10. using Mail app. When it runs a new email message is created but with two problems

No recipient is defined,(blank to: field) and

the error message "Cannot send message using the server smpt.xxx.xxx.xxx (which is my default smtp email connection.) I have a couple smtp email servers defined in the Mail app.


Here is what I defined in the script: property kMainGroup : {"gt@tecolotecreek.com"} --will get mail for all events .


The section in the manual "Double click to run the Retrospect Event Handler and point it to the location or your e-mail application on your hard drive... " doesn't seem to work. If I run the script in the Script Editor, nothing happens.


Seems simple enough but no go. Suggestions??

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Seems simple enough but no go. Suggestions??


The script for Mail.app is broken and has been broken for years. The problem is that, with each release/update of Mail.app, Apple changes the Applescript interface to it and EMC/Dantz/Insignia/whatever never updates/fixes the script or posts any notice about it being broken.


The solution is to use the python script, not the one for the Mail MUA. The python interface is stable because Python is a programming language not under Apple's control. The Python email handler script is here:

Python mail handler script


There is also a bug fix posted by another user (Simon Hobson) to let you have email names of the form:

"User Name <username@yourdomain.com>"


Simon Hobson's post for that bugfix is:

Bug fix for email addresses


When saving the "Retrospect Event Handler" AppleScript after editing it in Script Editor, save as application, stay open, never show startup screen, then delete the ".app" extension so that the file is EXACTLY named "Retrospect Event Handler", and place that file in /Library/Preferences/Retrospect together with macmail.py (the python script that does the real work, and which does not need editing).


Hope this helps,



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