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Retrospect 7.5 Media Error 206

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We are using EMC Retrospect Small Business Server Standard version 7.5 on Windows XP Prof. SP2.


We backup to 4 DVD drives.


From time to time, we get this media error:


“Trouble writing: "106-MonWedFri" (368050176), error -206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc.)”


And when it occurs, we have to press “OK” to continue (no choices.)


In other words, this error simply stops our un-attended backups until someone presses OK next morning.


This is disappointing, as the whole reason for using this setup was so backups to multiple media could occur un-attended.


I have checked the manual, but cannot see any solution to this.


Is there any way we can get this error to simply eject the faulty medium and continue with the next without stopping ?


Please advise.



Quentin David Jones

Romteck Pty Ltd

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Unfortunately, this kind of error is too serious to just ignore and continue the backup.


You don't write anything about your hardware (DVD-drives, how they are connected, what kind of DVD discs you use etc).

You don't write anything about your software (exact version, exact version of the RDU for instance) (And "latest" isn't the answer, since it will have changed when someone else finds this thread months from now, seeking advice)


TIP 1:

DVD+R discs are better suited than DVD-R for the "packet writing" that Retrospect uses.


TIP 2:

Buy the best discs:


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