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BSOD with Retrospect


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The latest version of Retrospect has started crashing the computer when a backup of a local drive is done (Bad Pool Header is the BSOD message). It works on networked disks, but not the local disk (which is new and checks out fine with check disk.)


Norton Ghost backs up the drive OK, as does Veritas BUMP.


Any thoughts?

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Seemed like to right thread to throw this into.


I'm running a slightly old Retro:


+ Retrospect version 7.0.326

+ Retrospect Update, version


Retro MultiServer, with Open File Backup and some other add-on. This is on a Athlon Dual-core WinXP SP2 PC. It also has ECC mem and a RAID1 (mirrored) RAID drive. A week+ ago one of the disks died (and the RAID didn't handle it well...). But after swapping in a new good drive and reconfiguring the array, I was back up and running (no reformat needed--the other mirrored drive was fine, and the RAID1 resynced itself to the new blank pair disk).


However, Retro isn't doing well, even though it and the system were doing fine before and in *theory* nothing has changed since the pre and post setup should be identical based on the mirrored RAID1. But every time Retro tries to run, as soon as I see the "Staring Open File Backup" message the PC crashes with a BSOD and "BAD_POOL_HEADER." I've run Norton and Microsoft (chkdsk /r) scans and found few if any issues (no disk errors, just some other common Norton complaints), all of which have been repaired with no improvement.


I just stitched OFB (Volume Shadow Copy service) from "Manual" (where it was set) to "Auto" and it still crashed. But it wasn't until I switched it to "Disabled", giving up Open File Backup (in Retro or anything else) that Retro stopped BSOD crashing. And the next backup, with full Snapshot as before, ran to completion although with a bunch of "sharing violations" that would normally not show up if using OFB.


So another evil Open File Backup & Retro problem, aka Volume Shadow Copy, rears its ugly head. Even though I've had to turn off OFB, at least Retro is still running and I haven't had to resort to one of my other backup programs.

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The problem is that Retro is calling the VSS/OFB software from Microsoft. So who's fault is it? I don't know, but we get to do the classic finger-pointing dance. I've been able to run without a BSOD since turning off OFB, but it's annoying to see the errors go from 0 to larger numbers (at least tens, sometimes >>), due to sharing violations, date mismatches, etc. that OFB worked around. And I can't just not back up those files since it's during the snapshot (when, again, Retro is calling some MS routines) that the errors occur.

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On XP and 2003 we are using the Microsoft API's to use the VSS service. I have not heard of other reports of BSOD with Open file. Retrospect itself can not cause a blue screen. I suspect either something else on the system is already using VSS and causing a conflict or the VSS Service is corrupted on the system.


Anything in the Windows Event logs?

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The driver update just adds support for new hardware. It makes no changes to client backup or to open file backup.


Once again, we use a standard Microsoft Backup API for open file backup. Nothing in Retrospect itself can cause a blue screen with open file backup, this can only happen at the system level.


Either the VSS service is having a conflict or the system is corrupted.

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Just thought I would add my input to this conversation.


I'm running Windows XP SP2 with all updates and patches. Installed Retrospect Express HD and started getting the BSOD with bad_pool_header STOP 019.


I looked at the VSS Service and it was not started. I started VSS, reran Retro and got the BSOD again.


I have done a complete repair install of Windows XP and reapplied all updates and I'm still getting this BSOD.


What do you suggest I do next?


Thanks for your help.



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I have also gotten intermitant BSODs during backups. It only seems to happen when the host computer is backing itself up. I am running with an IDE RAID 0 as my boot drive. Checking the event log after the last crash showed an error 11: The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Scsi\aic78xx1. Microsoft's web site talks about trouble shooting the SCSI bus. I will try to get more info from the BSOD when it happens again.

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