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Solved my problems (replaced Adaptec SCSI card)

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I'm posting this message to hopefully help any others that might have had some serious problems performing any kind of backup in OS X with their SCSI VXA or other tape drives. When Dantz released the latest drivers, things were working better, but I still had a few occasional hangs especially when I was doing full backups (>25 GB). I had noted lots of SCSI errors in the log files so I finally bit the bullet and bought an Orange Micro 930U SCSI adapter card and replaced my Adaptec 2930U card (4.3 firmware). Viola, I haven't seen a hang since. I had tried both of Adaptec's drivers and to no avail, it wasn't behaving properly. I can now have all my SCSI devices operating and I don't see any of the problems I had previously. My suggestion--if you're having problems backing up your systems and have an Adaptec SCSI card, look at replacing it with something else.

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