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New user of Retrospect - Backup questions

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Hello -

I have been using Backup Exec for Windows for years using a single tape drive. I have upgraded my company to a 10-tape packet loader unit and Backup Exec will not work with the unit so I purchased Retrospect and the add-ons.


I have watched the video tutorials and thumbed through the manual to assist me in setting up my backup jobs using Retrospect. I am confused on when to use Normal versus other types of backups.


Can someone give me a quick rundown of setting up the following jobs within Retrospect?


A Full backup that will execute on Friday evening and differentials from that full backup to run monday - thursday.

I then want to remove that backup tape set and take it off-site for storage (for future restores).

I want to then insert new tapes in the packet loader and start the next week.

Once a quarter, I want to have a full backup that will be off-site forever.


I am used to the Full, Incremental, and Differential world of backups and need a some assistance.


Thank you in advance.

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"Full" is called "New media backup" or "Recycle Media Backup", depending on the media you intend to use. We always do "New Media Backup" here and erase the tapes manually. That way you can take any set of tapes off site at any time.


"Incremental, and Differential" is replaced by "Progressive" backups. This is the normal way Retrospect work and is called a "Normal" backup.


I recommend:

Schedule a "New Media backup" on ever Friday.

Schedule a "Normal" backup Mon-Thur.

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OK, I finally got a good backup. It took 28 hours to backup around 500GB.


Now, I am trying to get the mailbox backups to work but unable to expand the volume so I can see the individual mailboxes, etc...


Do you know a shortcut on how the security is suppoed to be set? I followed the manual but still no luck. I created an account called retrospect and added Domain Users, Domain Admin, Administrators, and Backup Operators. I logged into the server with that user and unable to expand the mailboxes.


Thanks again...

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