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Log problem with Proactive Backup

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I have a quite annoying problem with Proactive Backup. If I enable a Proactive Backup that is supposed to backup a regular folder ( so nothing special) I get the following error message:


Failure to initialize MAPI, Result 0xffffffff, HR 0x80004005.


about once every second which leaves a 20MB log in about a day. If I choose a regular backup script and stop Proactive Backup I will not get the error


System information: Windows 2003R2 SP2 64bit server and the current Retrospect 7.5 as a trial product I have Exchange 2k7 installed.


Many thanks in advance

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I don´t want to backup an exchange server. Exchange is just installed. It is not enabled in retrospect and is not suppossed to back it up. But I get an MAPI error every second, it means log files of about 16megs every day with unnecessary information, that really gets hard on my nerves. NO one told retrospect to to anything with the MAPI interface, so why is it doing anything and it only happens with the proactive backup, why not with the plain old backup scripts?

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I have same problem with just Exchange 2007 installed on the same computer where Retrospecti Multi Server resides. Exchange 2007 plug-in is not activated but i still get the error with ProActive backup running. log fills up with error Failure to initialize MAPI, Result 0xffffffff, HR 0x80004005.

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