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Retrospect cleans in a loop

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Retrospect Server 7.5.387 on a Win2KServer is cleaning and cleaning in a loop.

Tape is a Sony AIT3 (SDX-700C) situated in an Overland Library.

After having som trouble with a faulty tape, which I had to eject manually on the loader, Retro stalled.


After killing Retrospect via Taskmanager and rebooting the whole Server and rebooting the library, Retrospect started to report a cleaning cartridge in the drive (2:Reinigungs-Cartridge entdeckt) and is now cleanig in a loop. The library says: drv1 - no tape, which is correct. Retro also shows 2 slots as cleaning-slots.


Stopped and restarted Retrospect several times - did not help.


Any help?

thanks a lot,



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Fixed it finally. It was a problem with the library, which did not change cartridges the right way in and out the drive.

After fixing that, starting Retrospect again and disabling MS Drivers, which came up witout warning,

its working again. Only reminder is a cleaningslot in Retro that cannot be cleared.


Thanks, hope it helps someone else...



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