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My "console.log" files are enourmous! Any idea why?

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I set up a new 10.4.10 *intel* xServe using the current Retrospect/Driver Update to back up to an external hard disk. I leave Retrospect running in "backup server" mode constantly (with a backup of the server done at 2:00 a.m. daily)


I had previously being doing the same thing with a G5 xserve with no problems.


However, over the weekend, I checked the incremental backup.


My console log has ballooned to 350M in size and is full of a number of repeating Retrospect-related messages:


Retrospect(363,0xa000eca0) malloc: *** vm_allocate(size=1543507968) failed (error code=3)

Retrospect(363,0xa000eca0) malloc: *** error: can't allocate region

Retrospect(363,0xa000eca0) malloc: *** set a breakpoint in szone_error to debug

Retrospect(363,0xa000eca0) malloc: *** vm_allocate(size=1543507968) failed (error code=3)




Any idea what's going on? My previous log files are also large:


drwx------ 13 admin admin 442 Aug 2 13:14 .

drwxrwxr-x 5 root admin 170 Jun 20 17:53 ..

-rw------- 1 admin admin 349976867 Aug 6 09:44 console.log

-rw------- 1 admin admin 650 Aug 2 13:13 console.log.0

-rw------- 1 admin admin 48811878 Aug 2 13:02 console.log.1

-rw------- 1 admin admin 40651231 Jul 31 22:57 console.log.2

-rw------- 1 admin admin 876 Jul 30 08:42 console.log.3

-rw------- 1 admin admin 1792 Jul 30 06:51 console.log.4

-rw------- 1 admin admin 754326 Jul 27 14:49 console.log.5

-rw------- 1 admin admin 334 Jul 13 10:15 console.log.6

-rw------- 1 admin admin 43860 Jul 13 08:44 console.log.7

-rw------- 1 admin admin 5491 Jun 21 10:32 console.log.8

-rw------- 1 admin admin 2835 Jun 20 18:31 console.log.9


If I quit retrospect -- the messages stop. And I restart Retrospect and there are no messages repeating again (but I've not done a backup again yet.)


I don't want my console.log file to balloon like this. And I shouldn't have to manually stop/start Retrospect to deal with it (unless it's a bug in the program?) Suggestions as to what is going on?


HELP! ;-)


- Steve

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More on this...


I started a *manual* backup of the system and while it was scanning the drive (not matching or anything), it started cranking out these console statements all over again.




I could manually delete the console.log file daily, but that's not going to help me if I actually need to reference it for some reason for other purposes!

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I *think* this might be related to some "bad file" on the system. For the first time, my backup server crashed completely while scanning the computer during backup last night after running fine for about a week.


I tracked this to a folder, which I deleted and recreated (not that I saw anything wrong with it), but until I reboot the server (can't do that willy-nilly), I won't know if that resolved my console.log problem (as I've deleted "console.log" for the moment...)

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