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Retrospect Pro 7.5 not restoring registry / "system state"


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HELP Please!!


Hard drive went south, got a new one and have been fighting getting my full system backup loaded and working correctly on the new drive (burned a weekend so far, and not happy).



Dell Dimension 8250

Windows XP Pro SP 2

400 GB drive, 1 partition (Yes, I've already worked around the Dell boot.ini problem)

Retrospect Pro 7.5

Backup Set is complete image of drive


Here's my state: I've successfully restored all of the files from the backup set (~73GB). However, it seems that the registry has not been restored, and perhaps whatever Retrospect refers to as the "system state". For example, I have the 5 user account folders in C:\Documents and Settings, but there are no user accounts to link to them. Similar situation for drivers -- I have the driver files, but nothing to associate them to their devices. Pretty useless having the data without these important linkages.


The Retrospect manual shows a screen shot from the Restore Wizard (p. 209) that says "Rollback just the registry and system state to be exactly what it was on <date/time>", but that option does not show up in the actual software.


I swear I've followed the steps in the manual to a tee (several times). What am I missing?



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I took a look at the logs and discovered 5 errors at the end of the restore. I didn't notice these before because they occurred right at the end of the restore job and the activity window goes blank immediately afterward.


The errors are (I am not at the computer right now, so sorry that I have these exactly right):

There is no IIS [database?] to restore from this snapshot.

There is no registry to restore from this snapshot.

There is no COM+ Registration [?] to restore from this snapshot.

There is no WMI Database to restore from this snapshot.

There is no [something else, Active Directory?] to restore from this snapshot.


Since the hard drive that contained the catalog file went bad, I had to rebuild the catalog from the DVD media. (I guess I don't understand why the catalog file doesn't get backed up too)


Why wouldn't the backup have these very important things ?!!



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