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Can't access backup set -- No Snapshot. Help.


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I am using Retrospect 6.5 and am trying to recover files from a backup set stored on a Western Digital 120GB external hard drive. When I created the last back up set (described below), I was not able to create a Disaster Recovery Disk to go along with it. All I have right now is the naked data sitting on the drive.


From the main page of Retrospect Express I click on Restore. I then click on either Entire Volume or Select Files (it doesn't matter which, end result is the same). In the next window I select the backup set I want to restore from. I am then prompted with the following message: Click Add Snapshot to retrieve a Snapshot from the media or select Restore>Find Files.


This is the point at which my problems begin. There is no 'Add Snapshot' option for me to click on. If I click on the 'More' button next to the box containing my Backup Sets, I am prompted to create a Catalog File, which I have already done. If I select Find Files I can search and find some files but other major files are missing. I would 90% of my other files are missing. I know they made it to the hard drive because I monitored the progress when I created the Backup sets originally I also can see correct volume of data on the F: drive (Western Digital External Hard Drive).


Speaking of which...when I open the External Drive (F:) and the Retrospect Folder, I can see the files I am trying to open stored as .rdb files. When I click on one it takes me to the Retrospect Express main page where we start the process described above again.


Any idea of how to open these files or to do a system restore from them?

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Richard, I really appreciate your response. I have actually rebuilt the catalog before and just did it again. My problem is that when I go to restore the volume it ask me to click on a snapshot. But there are no snapshots to click on. My other option is to click 'Add a Snapshot' to retrieve a snapshot from the media. But here again, there is no 'Add a Snapshot' button to click on. I can see the files on my F drive. I just can't open them without this snapshot.

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I'm sorry to say that I don't think that I can help you. Besides being a novice, I'm using Retrospect 7.0 and have never used 6.5.


When I look at the Restore dialog boxes for 7.0, they do not seem to contain the same buttons as you describe for 6.5. Perhaps I am not seeing some of same choices such as Add snapshot because I don't have a corrupt backup set to test with. I will play around a bit more and see if I can come up with anything. If so, I will add another post later.


...hopefully someone else can provide more information.

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