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Getting at old restore points in Retro Express HD 2.0 and Vista


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I moved to a new Vista machine and installed Express HD 2.0. When I plugged in my Maxtor containing all my old backups from my previous computer, they were recognized and listed as valid restore points. Not wanting to confuse old-computer and new-computer backups, I renamed the old Retrospect directory so that my next backup would recreate it from scratch and would do a full backup of the specified files. That part worked fine.


But not I don't know how to get the program to recognize the old directory. I tried renaming the newly created one and putting the old one back to the original name. Now, not only does the program not show any restore points, when I switched the directory names back it doesn't recognize the new restore point from the new computer either!


Sine the UI is minimalist to say the least, what can I do to make Restore spot and use other backup structures? (The 'other computer' option won't work, because this isn't on another computer, and the list of computers is blank.)


Fortunately this isn't a critical problem (yet), but if I ever do need to get at the old restore points I'll need to know in a hurry.


Thanks for advice,


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