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Retrospect Express HD 2.0 and Vista -- folder names wrong!


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I installed Retrospect Express HD 2.0 on my new Vista system -- bought it by download after my 1.0 installs from my Maxtor CD kept failing. All my restore points from my old computer show up just fine.


But I want to make a fresh backup of my new computer's files. In Setup, I can choose the C: drive fine, but the directory tree shows 'Documents and Settings' off the C: root, rather than 'Users' which Windows Explorer sees. Further, clicking the + won't expand the Documents and Folders contents so I can see them.


So why is Setup detecting the old XP directory structure on my new Vista computer??? And how can I force it to see the correct directory structure so I can force a full backup?




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A little correction here. When I looked more closely at the folder list, I found the Users folder, just where it should have been. It backed up fine, so there's no real problem here.


I'm still puzzled why a "Documents and Settings" folder should appear off the root of the drive, when Vista doesn't show one in Windows Explorer. There are a few other inconsistencies between the Explorer view and RE-HD2's, but I'm not too worried about them.


So my problem is really a non-problem!



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