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Am just about to purchase Retrospect

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Hi all,

I'm just about to purchase this backup software as i have heard its very good. I have

done a small test on a test network and had no issues.


I'm going for multiserver edition along with the add on value package.


I want to install the control element to a box on the network running w2k and a 500GB storage

configured in a mirror. I then want to have my exchange and Sql servers backup to this box.


Is it then possible to copy this backup offisite to a data centre? ideally i would like to synch the first backup and then just do an incremetal offsite.


Can you recommend this software?





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Thank you....


What i really want to do is:


Install the multiserver edition to backup my servers running exchange 2003 and

SQL 2005 and all user data. I will be buying the value add on pack.


I plan to install a raid controller and some disks to a windows 2k server and pull all

the backups to this location (using retrospect). Once the backups have completed, i

would like to take this backup to an offsite location. Is there a way therafter to synch

all new data with this offiste backup?





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I would recommend at least two (but three is better) independent backup sets and rotate them (say) each week. If there is a power failure while writing to the only backup you got, you may be in trouble.

Week 1, set A

Week 2, set B

Week 3, set C

Week 4, set A

Week 5, set B

Week 6, set C

Week 7, set A...


Take the recent backup set off site and bring back the oldest. You can then "recycle" the oldest as part of the weekly transfer to that backup set.

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What i should have made clear is the final step. Can i synch this

over the Internet?


You have to select one of two options for that:

1) You can physically carry the media on/off site.

2) You can set up an ftp-server at the remote site and use an "ftp" backup set.


I don't think you can combine the two.


In case you didn't know: You can try out Retrospect for free for 30 days:


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