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Scripted backup: Mounting the NAS

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Mac OS 10.4.10; Retrospect 6.1, RDU (, Scripted backup to a file on a LaCie Ethernet RAID 2TB NAS.


If a user is logged in with the NAS Backup Share mounted when the backup fires up, it works. If no user is logged in, the NAS volume is not mounted and Retrospect tries to mount it and puts up a password prompt. After authenticating Retrospect offers to save the password in the X509Anchors keychain, but it requires a password to add it to that keychain. I have no idea what the keychain password is or how to set it. I'm thinking if I could add the NAS login to the x509Anchors keychain I might be home free on an unattended scripted backup.


(If its not obvious, I'm not very fluent with Macs.)


Any suggestions?





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I have no idea what the keychain password is or how to set it.


It should be the same admin password that you are required to give when you install programs.


Launch "/Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access.app" and perhaps it will be clear.


Another approach might be to mount the NAS in the Retrospect Event Handler that gets launched when Retrospect launches.



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I've never seen Retrospect use or offer to use the Keychain to store passwords, so I'd be curious as to the _exact_ steps being used that cause it to offer to do so.


The issue of volumes mounted with no use logged into the Finder is not a Retrospect issue, but is an Apple issue. In early versions of OS X, shares mounted at /Volumes/ would remain when the user who logged the share in logged out of the Finder. This was changed (10.3?), but some users discovered a plist change that would modify the behavior. I don't have that at my fingertips, but the original hint came from macosxhints.com.


But, Retrospect only supports AFP volumes for auto-mounting shares; if the NAS you're using does not support AFP, you are likely to experience unexpected (or simply unwanted) behavior.



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