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Retrospect 7.5 Windows *very* slow to exit; hangs


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I've recently purchased Retrospect 7.5 and I'm having a strange problem. I created an automated backup script. It does a normal daily backup of my C: drive to a file on my data drive (D:), and a recycle backup every two months. The script seems to work well ~ the backup looks fine. However, if I start Retrospect manually, to check the status for instance, the tool will hang on exit for 15 minutes or more with the disk running like crazy. The application completely stops responding. I tried a forced exit once, but that didn't work and only succeeded in completely thrashing both the catalog and the data store so that they were not restorable. Why would that happen if it isn't in the middle of a backup? What is going on?


Please advise



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I have this same problem. Based on a forum search this actually looks like a very common problem but I have never seen a reasonable explanation. Why does this happen and what can be changed to make it stop? I end up force quitting Retrospect quite a bit just to apply an update, and this can't be a clean way to exit. Probably leads to corrupted catalog files or worse.

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Try to turn off Windows XP system restore. It may help





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Wow - that did it. I turned off system restore on the data drive only and the problem went away. (FYI: The backup data set is a file on the data drive.)


To turn off system restore: right click on 'My Computer' and bring up the 'Properties' window, then click on the System Restore tab. You can enable or disable individual drives, or turn it off altogether.




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