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How to reinstall retrospect and keep settings & scripts in tact


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I recently uninstalled an Adobe DVD burning application that caused something to happen in the registry that it causes an error for all my other software that does any kind of cd/dvd burning (such as retrospect). In order to fix these errors now, I need to reinstall all software that does any kind of cd/dvd burning.


Does anyone know how I can export all my settings and backup scripts so I won't lose all my setups when I go to uninstall retrospect and reinstall it again cleanly? Everything works fine now with Retrospect except for burning to cd/dvd's. So I need to reinstall to make it work again. How can I export all my settings and backup scripts? And also, what is the method to import all that back in when I do the clean install? Thanks for any help.

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See the section in the Retrospect User's Guide about moving Retrospect to a new machine. That's effectively what you are doing. You don't provide any configuration information about your version of Retrospect, or I would point you to the page and give a link to the proper manual. It's usually toward the end of the "Management" chapter, in a section entitled "Moving Retrospect".



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