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Corrupted Driver Update File?

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It's fixed now. You might have to clear Firefox's caches to get it to download right for the second try.


Off topic a bit:


This problem was fixed very quickly by Retrospect support after I turned in a problem report under our support contract.


Those of you who follow these forums know that I have my issues with Retrospect, and I don't think I've ever been accused of being a gushing "fan boy" for Retrospect. It has its plusses and minuses, and it's a love-hate relationship, with more hate and sadness as the product languishes.


But, throughout the years that we have been using the product, Retrospect's support group has been good, and we have found our annual support contract to be worth it. The Retrospect support group is not the bottom of the barrel like some support groups are, where you experience anti-Macintosh bias and are treated like an idiot, where you know more than the support person on the other end of the line who appears never to have been trained on the product and just reads from a script, and who has an accent that makes communication impossible.


My point is, good support costs money, especially with a complex product like Retrospect that has such a steep learning curve. These user-to-user forums are ok for some things, but they are not a substitute for a good support group, and it costs EMC money to nurture that group. If you have to pay money for a support call, understand why that is so, and appreciate the dedicated Retrospect support group.



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