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HELP!!! Member marked Missing will not be found

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Ok, here's the situation:


Mac G5 running Server 10.4.8

Retrospect 6.1.126

Tape Drive: Sony AIT-2 8 tape library


While doing a large recovery of data from our main backup set 2 tapes were set as "missing" (numbers 2 and 3 of 11). Since then I have not been able to mark them as "found" to do further recoveries. I have reinserted the tapes in the library and Retro sees them just fine. It just will not hold the "found" setting once I close the "Members" window inside the Backup Set Configuration.


I tried to rebuild the backup set from the tapes twice but it has failed each time after about 5 days of rebuilding. I really need some of the data off of those two tapes. I duplicated the backup set file before trying the rebuild so I still have the original backup set file to recover from.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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- In what way/at what time does the catalog rebuild fail?


Working from scratch (with any existing version of the Backup Set forgotten from Retrosect), can you try a rebuild where you provide _only_ the two problem tapes (telling the program that all tapes before them are not available)? That might result in a Backup Set catalog that will give you access to the data on these tapes (only).



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