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ARGGGGHHHH!!!!! All members being deleted from Backup Set....


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I'm DYING...... I've been thru a number of weeks wherein I've had to rebuild my entire backup sets as I'm apparenently not doing something right. Now I just paid VERY close attention to a tape erase (a reuse of an existing tape) and before my eyes, I saw ALL of the other members of the backup set go byebye.... Now, I'm looking at 10 hors of recreating the entire catalog again.


I use an 8 tape Powervault Autoloader. Tape 8 is a cleaning tape.


I do Incremental backups M-F. So far, each BU is at about tape 10. After I hit tape 10, I erase tape 1 and re-use it.


When I insert the tape to be erased, Retrospect recognises it as a member of a particular backup set. I go to the backup set and select that member and select "Set Missing". Then I erase that tape so that it can be recycled.


As soon as I agree to erase all the data on that tape, my ENTIRE backup set (all 9-10 members) are erased.


The only way to recover is to completely rebuild the entire backup set again.


I realize I'm doing something wrong. PLEASE tell me what that is.


All I want to do is recycle a tape that's already a member of a backup set. Isn't that possible?? If not, I'm looking at an incredible amount of tapes....

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If you erase tape #1 of a 10 tape backup set (Erasing of 1-Backup Set A), then all member of the backup set will be removed.


You can not erase any member of a known backup set, otherwise you are going to have an incomplete backup set that will basically be useless for a full restore.


Retrospect assumes that if you force the erase of a tape in a known backup set, that you don't care about any of the other tapes in the set.


If it hurts, "don't do that".

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Many thanks. The how do you keep from have so many tapes??


As of now, I have 50 (10 for each of the MTWThF backups). It's an incremental BU script, but it takes 5-6 to make the first BU as I have so much data.


Is "Recycle" what I should be using??


Many thanks



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