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Understanding backup volumes


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This seems like a stupid question but I can't find a clear explanation in the documentation or web site:


I had some scripts set up to duplicate specific volumes (eg My Music, My Pictures, Downloads under My Documents, which were subvolumes on my C:) and created volumes for each of these folders.


Now I want to set up to backup my entire C: to an external HD. When I create a backup script and select C:, if I expand C: it only shows the folders (My Music, My Pictures, Downloads etc) under the tree view.


So if I select C:, is it backing up the entire contents of C: including its subvolumes (which are the full contents of C:) or just the folders that appear when I expand C: in the tree view? How do I know that the files that don't appear under the tree view of C: are being backed up?


Conversely, if I select C: to backup, is it backing up two copies of the files in My Music etc (once as a subvolume to C:, and a second time as the folder-volume My Music in tree view? Should I go thru and "forget" all the folder-volumes that I created so I don't duplicate the files on backup?


Or should I just ignore the tree view of folders if I just want to backup the entire C:?


Thanks for your help.

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