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Any idea where the client hashes are stored?

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Hi all!


I'm taking a security class here at the U

(http://www.citi.umich.edu/projects/itss/ ) and one of the goals of

the class is to do a "RECON" project where we examine possible

security risks of our systems.


My project is to look at our backup system (server and

clients). While I know what to examine as far as password hashes on

the server operating systems (Mac OSX in this case), it occurred to

me that I should be examining how the Retrospect Clients are storing

their local password hashes.


Does EMC have any documentation on how passwords are stored on

the client systems (Windows, Mac and Unix) so I can see if it's

possible to attempt to crack those passwords with something like John

The Ripper to make sure they are "secure"?


Or is there an official statement on EMCs site indicating how

those client passwords are stored (encryption, etc?)




- Steve

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This KnowledgeBase article and its applescript download may also be of interest in your investigations:

Resetting client passwords


You might also try an "od | diff" of the before and after of /Library/Preferences/retroclient.state when passwords are changed.


The following two KnowledgeBase articles may also be of interest in your investigations:

Retrospect Security (Macintosh)

Retrospect Security (Windows)



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Are they "encrypted" like Windows NTLM hashes are (meaning they could be cracked by something like Jack the Ripper)?


Or are they encrypted beyond that with DES or something more difficult?


I think as long as I have a reference about a stated encryption, that will suffice for my report (even to say something like "it's a proprietary encryption method" or something like that...)

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