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Retrospect or Windows error?


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While backing up files using Retrospect 5.6, I get the following 2


errors on 2 different files.




File "E:\P6022073.JPG": didn't compare at offset 73 in stream ""


File "E:\cap001.bmp": didn't compare, reached end of file




The Retrospect error database doesn't list this message. Thus, I cannot


say whether this message is Retrospect or Windows (Win2000, NTFS)






- The files can be read properly by other software.


- When I copy the files to another volume, the backup works fine.




Q1. Can someone tell me whether this message is due to an error found


by Retrospect or is it due to some file system problem inside the NTFS






Q2. What do the errors mean and how can I avoid them?









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