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Plextor 740UF configurable, configured, but will not verify!


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I have a Plextor 740UF external CD/DVD writer that is not listed as a supported device. However, I have no problem configuring the drive using Retrospect 7.5 Professional's configure utility.


My files back up with no problem, but when it's time to verify, every one of them fails!


I am using the drive connected as USB 2, and am using Taiyo Yuden DVD+ media.


I would love to purchase a faster drive that is fully supported by Retrospect, but I am having a difficult time choosing from what EMC has listed as supported drives, at least when it comes to new models.


I would greatly appreciate any suggestions regarding a good USB, FireWire, or preferably, USB/FireWire drive that works well and quickly.


EMC claims that they support drives that are unlisted but able to be configured with their utility, but to be truthful, I cannot afford to pay for technical support. I'm just a home user who has been faithful to their product for several versions but admittedly, am getting a little frustrated.


By the way, I purchased the best media I could for the drive. It is the media recommended by Plextor.


Thank you in advance for your suggestions, I look forward to hearing from you.

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