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License Issue with 7.0

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I have 7.0.326 and have recently installed a new Windows 2003 server. I have installed the client on the server yet when I try to add it as a Client, Retrospect tells me I need a separate Server license. I don't need to back up any of the server settings, I basically just need to back up a file share on this new server.


When I go into my License manager, I see that we have several "Backup Server Client 1-packs" already purchased for some of our other Windows 2003 servers. I have a suspicion that we have a license assigned to a server that's not in our farm anymore. Problem is, I can't tell what licenses are assigned to what servers.


So in summary, I need to figure out how to tell Retrospect that my new server doesn't need the full blown Server treatment, it just needs to act as a client to backup a particular folder. Failing that, I need some way to determine what licenses are assigned to what systems so I can shuffle and reassign those licenses.

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