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Members of Tape BackUp Sets Being Forgotten

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We use a PowerVault 122T with 8 tapes for backups. I have incrementals running every night M-F. Every once in a while (I can't find a reason), my backup sets "forget" the members. There may be 8-10 of them (each one is sequentially numbers as it's filled).


Once that happens, I have to begin again which takes hours...as the initial back up has to start from the beginning, recording the entire system to establish a baseline for the following Incremental backups.


With over 800gb to back up, the initial run takes 6 tapes and over 18 hours. Incrementals only take 30-45 minutes each day (when it's running right).


I can tell when it's happened by looking at the Storage Devices window, which lists all the tapes. If one of the tapes doesn't have the little "M" next to it (which means it's a member of a backup set), I'm screwed again.


I've spent all week starting all the backups over again.


What can I do to avoid this?? Is it a preference?? Does Retrospect "time out" after 7 members?? (I don't think I've ever made it past 7....


I see that there is an "Add" button on the Properties window of a Backup Set.... When it forgot my sets I try to add them back but it only erases them so I still start all over... sigh....


I MUST be doing this wrong???


Any help would be appreciated.





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