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Client moved IP address


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Retrospect version 4.3.




The client machine moved to a new IP address, in a whole new office (static, as was the old IP) (it's on a totally different class of IP addresses, so setting up Retrospect's subnet browsing feature wouldn't have helped).




There appears to be no way to update the existing client IP in the Retrospect Client Database.




So, I must delete the "old" client, and add it back under a new IP, and then update the backup script to use the new client I just made, yes?




And if I do that, Retrospect will be smart enought to not start the backups all over again fresh, but will recognize that this is the same computer being backed up (incremental backup)?




Thanks for your help!

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You will need to forget the client at the old address and add it again, re-adding it to your scripts as well.




Retrospect doesn't match against location, so it should just pick up where it left off and only copy new or changed files since the last backup.




Hope this helps!




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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