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Disk storage options

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Hey all,


This isn't really a Retrospect specific question, but I imagine the specific features of Retrospect may be relavent. I'm wondering what the best option is for disk-to-disk backups. I'm set on using disks (preferably removable disks) for storage because 1) big tape drives are really expensive and 2) I have to be able to backup multiple clients at once to make daily backups feasible.


Right now I have some beige box PC with 2 internal 400GB SATA drives and one removable (to rotate drives in and out) 250GB SATA drive. We're running out of space and quite frankly adding more drives to this frankenstein box does not seem to be the way to move forward. I was thinking of going all out an purchasing a nice 2-3U server with maybe 6 bays for hot-swap SATA disks. One option is to simply RAID all of these disks and create one big backup volume, but then I lose the ability to take drives off-site and/or rotate media in and out. The other option is to use it as JBOD and use each disk as a backup set.


In practice, how well does the latter option work? I mean, does Windows/Retrospect deal with with hot-swap disks being removed? Or does this only really work well for USB/Firewire drives? That is another option, of course. I could go with a physically smaller server and backup to several external drives, although that would look kind of sloppy.


What do ya'll do for large amounts (say 2TB) of disk backup, some or all of which needs to be moved offsite? How well does Retrospect deal with the arrangement?




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