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After "Service Pack 2" Install ... Slooooowwwww

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Hello All,


After using Retrospect now for over 2 years, this is my very first post - and my very first probem.


My company's new software requires Windows™ ''Service Pack 2'' be installed on any employee's home computers if they wish to have access to company data from outside the office. There was no way around it - I had to do it.


The Problem: mad.gif After upgrading to ''Service Pack 2'', Retro 7.5 now runs SOOO SLOOOW, it even takes almost 90 SECONDS to load!! ... Once loaded, moving from menu-to-menu slows to a crawl ... and after choosing "Exit", it takes OVER a FULL minute for Retro7.5 to close down!! Along with wasting gross amounts of time and patience, this is driving me NUTS!! rolleyes3grem1.gif


PC Setup: computergrem1.gif

- Pentium 3.05 GHz with 512 MB of RAM

- Windows XP Professional™ w/Service Pack 2

- Retrospect 7.5 (ugpraded to v.7511100)


Solutions Attempted: crazy.gif

>>> NOTE: As always, the Maxtor® external hard drive (USB) was properly connected and turned ''ON'' before boot-up <<<

1) Nothing in ''Start-Up'' folder or icon tray ... and NOTHING loading on start-up (inc. Spyware, Anti-Virus ware, etc.)!

2) The Windows™ ''Firewall'' was completely turned off.

3) Finally, after upgrading to SP2, I totally deleted Retro 7.5, rebooted, then did a fresh re-install of Retro7.5, then rebooted again ...

... THE #%#@ PROBLEM IS STILL THERE!! ... HELP!! frown.gif

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