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Error -1101(file/directory not found)


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I have setup an incremental back up on my system, backing up files to DVD RW. Every time the backup gets to a certain size (about 15.4 Gb) I get the followong error Error -1101(file/directory not found and something about security descriptors missing) and begins to back up the whole directory all over again. I had the same problem with version 7.0, I download trial version 7.5 hopping that I won't have the same problem. However I came across the same issue again. Any one know of any size limitations? I have seen people having the same issue backing up network drives, is it the same issue.


I am fed up with this issue and thinking about finding another backup software. It is a pain to do a complete backup everytime. Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance for any help on this issue.

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