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Nightly Backup never begins

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Running R4.3c on a G4 Dual 500 (640mb ram) to a VXA(fwire) tape drive. Archiving the internal HD 40g and a Lacie External (fwire) 20g also installed extra firewire card in PCI slot.




Everything ran fine for a couple weeks. Moved to OS 9.2.2, when I "wakeup"* the machine in the morning Retrospect is just sitting there...after a few seconds the backup begins. The log states the application activates at 10pm as scheduled but nothing happens. Only suspicious item in log is:




"2/27/2002 2:40:14 am: System clock appears to have changed, expected 2/27/2002 2:40:20 am


Dates, times and statistics may be inaccurate."




The application seems to check the time 4 or 5 times during the night. Each time the difference is 6 to 11 seconds.




*Wakeup- I have disabled all energy saver extensions/control panels including the monitor - It still appears to go to sleep.


Any help would be appreciated.

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