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Bridge for SCSI autoloader - USB2 or Firewire?

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Hi all,


I'm wondering what the general experiences have been with using Firewire or USB 2.0 to SCSI bridges for tape drives & autoloaders. Which devices are best and/or popular?


I had no luck with a Ratoc Firewire-SCSI bridge. Has anyone tried the Adaptec USB2Xchange 2.0-to-SCSI?


I've been using an HP SureStore DAT24x6 autoloader (and many single drives before that) with great success, but I'm open to revamping my backup statagy to files-on-disk, then move to DVD-RAM.


Why a SCSI bridge? Well, I'm fond of this tape drive. And because we're upgrading to a bunch of tiny HP 7700 PC's -- I'd like to use one for backup, but it has only one PCI slot. My choice is whether to give it a gigabit network adapter or SCSI controller. It also has 1394 Firewire, so perhaps I'll hang a hard drive off it and do backup-to-files-then-migrate-to-DVD. But I want the option, and would like to know if any SCSI bridges work.


I know that Dantz/EMC's official policy is that they don't endorse/support/recommend these type of bridges, but still these devices are out there and I'm wondering if any work successfuly. And if so, which work best. (I'll bet that some or many Firewire/USB2.0 tape drives use a SCSI bridge internally)




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