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Disaster Recovery WO/ a Windows XP OS Setup CD?


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I have a HP d4650y computer with Windows XP pre-installed at the factory. So I do not have a set of Windows installation disks. There is a System Recovery that is maintained within a separate partition on the main hard drive.


My question is: What is or is there a Retrospect proceedure for doing a Disaster Recovery when you do not have a Windows XP OS installation disks?


Thank you........

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This is what I've done, although I haven't had to actually restore my system to see if this process actually works!


1. Most HP systems come with an option buried in the Start menu for creating a set of System Recovery disks. Do that Right Now. The Recovery partition goes away if the hard drive dies altogether.

2. Create a complete system backup with Retrospect.


To restore the system:

1. Use the Recovery disks to return the system to the as-shipped condition.

2. Use Windows Update to return the operating system to the same SP level as when the backup was made.

3. Install Retrospect and update to its level before the crash.

4. Now use Retrospect and your system backup to restore the system to its pre-crash condition. I suspect there will be some cataloging required but you should be able to get there.


Anyone with better information about this should feel free to add it!

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I believe I'm going to have to restore my PC after 2 years, so this sounds helpful. But I have a couple of questions to be sure I can get my data back.


I'll need to use the manufacturer's recovery CD to do a clean install of the OS. I have a good backup on an external drive. Here are my questions:


1. After taking the steps above, how can I install Retrospect on the computer so that it can recover from the external drive? Do I need to download Retrospect and re-enter my product key?


2. Is there a link to the Retrospect users manual? I'm using 6.5 (I believe) and I've searched here but not had any luck. Only found the manual for 7.5.


3. Can I selectively restore programs from the backup set? I'd prefer that several programs not be restored, as I think they may have contributed to the current problem.


Thank you for any any all advice and help.



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