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Firewire Hard Drives

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I'm in the process of purchasing a Firewire hard drive and I'd like to know which one is compatible with Retrospect Express for Macintoh. I searched the Hardward Compatibility list and could'nt find any of my "candidates". Is it possible that all Firewire Hard Drive are supported by Retrospect Express ?




Anyway here are the "candidates" :


LaCie 120 GB ext Firewire, 7200 RPM, Model 300480;


LaCie 160 GB ext Firewire, 5400 RPM, Model 300468;


Maxtor 160 GB ext Firewire, 5400 RPM, Model 3000XT




My Computer is a iMac DV, G3 400 MHZ, 192MB Ram running Mac OS 9.2.1




I'd apreciate any help anybody can give me.


Thank you and have a nice day.

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