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Incremental backups not working properly

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We are running Retrospect Server Disk-to-Disk version 7.5.370, hot-fix on Windows Storage Server 2003 R2. We are not backing up any clients, just select folders on the file server Retrospect is running on. The backup is scheduled to run at 11:00 PM, every week night (MTWTF).


The problem we are having is that Retrospect will perform an incremental backup for a while, and then one night it will copy all files in the selected folders all over again, filling up our backup drive.


Here is a history:

2007-04-07 - 409,054 files copied (initial creation of backup set - normal - this took all day)

2007-04-08 - Sunday, no backups scheduled.

2007-04-09 - 81 files copied (normal)

2007-04-10 - 120 files copied (normal)

2007-04-11 - 159 files copied (normal)

2007-04-12 - 88 files copied (normal)

2007-04-13 - 515 files copied (normal)

2007-04-14 - Saturday, no backups scheduled.

2007-04-15 - Sunday, no backups scheduled.

2007-04-16 - 67 files copied (normal)

2007-04-17 - 386,180 files copied (NOT normal - it was still running when I came in in the morning and had to stop it because people were starting to arrive)


I have no idea why Retrospect would work fine (copying only new/modified files) for about a week and then one night copy everything over again. I know with certainty the 5 workers we have creating/modifying files on this server did not create/modify 400,000 files in one day.


This is the second time this has happened - creating an initial backup, incremental backups were working fine for a while, then one night everything gets copied again. The first time it happened I forgot the backup set, deleted the catalog file, re-formatted the backup drive, and setup everything again.


The only commonality between the two instances was that they both happened on a Tuesday night (Microsoft patch Tuesday?).


We run AVG anti-virus on this server but I shut off any kind of scheduled scans. Automatic updates from Microsoft are set to notify but not to automatically download or install. I installed a Retrospect update Retrospect popped up with the night this happened.


If this was a configuration issue why would it not happen every night?


Thanks for any help,


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This is obviously a MAYOR problem with this software, at least three threads have been started on this topic, but no solution or acknowledgment was given.


We have the same problem, after backup, 240.000 files are "changed" and it wants to back them up again, all 1.2Tb of them, every night.


As current, I am making weekly FULL backups only, and I have dumped the idea of incremetnal backups, until i find a sofware working as advertised. This one is not working, and no support is given on this problem....

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Same problem here. My incremental backups were running fine for about a month, then suddenly Retrospect wanted to backup all files again. This happened across 4 different backup sets at the same time. Normal incremental backups are occurring again after it completed the "full" backup (having added a number of unnecessary tapes to the backup set!).


The backup server is only an XP pro box. The source of the backup is an OS X Server. When browsing the snapshot, Retrospect's information confirms that the files have not been modified (in some cases since 2002), yet the entire volume was backed up.


I'm sure this has happened on other occasions, only I failed to recognise what had occurred.

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Did this happen (the full backup) after you installed a Retrospect update? I know incremental backups were working fine until I installed the latest update to 7.5.370. This could just be a coincidence though.


This is a big issue for us because we use a 700 GB external USB hard drive as a backup destination, and we need to backup 400 GB, so the drive cannot hold two complete copies of the backup set. Even if we have Retrospect groom out all snapshots except for the latest (which we do), when this unnecessary full backup happens the new backup is always incomplete (the drive runs out of space). Not only is space a problem for us, but there is never enough time on a week night to do a full backup. Also, wear and tear on the hard drive is also a concern with full backups happening so frequently.


This must be an annoyance and waste with tapes, but with hard drives it totally messes up our backup plan.

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