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Files There - But 6.5 Can't Restore


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Used Retrospect 6.5 Express to back up files on a different HDD. The backup files are there, total 60GB, broken down into 600MB files called AA000000.rdb / AA000001.rdb / etc..


When I use Restore, it asks for a "snapshot" but there is no snapshot file to be found. The only files available are those with "rdb" extensions. If I try to "recreate" the files, it asks for an "rbf" or "rbc" catalogue file, which doesn't exist.


I can manually attempt to Restore the files, using the wildcard "*" as my "search and retrieve" criteria, but it only restores about 1.5GB of the original files, in alphabetical order - it gives me all my "a" and some "b" titled directories and all the files therein, but then stops, saying "finished." During the "search and retrieve" process, it keeps asking me for the next file (AA000001.rdb), etc.. and only gets through file 00002. Then stops.


How do I get ALL my files restored? What am I doing wrong?


Tks, JL

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