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synthetic full backup

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Currently I transfer all active snapshots to tape every day with the recycle option set, but now I have so many data the transfer time take too long to complete during the day.


I have read the manual, but need soem help.


1) If I choose to transfer only the most recent snapshot to tape every day will this count as a full backup from each source on the tape?


2) Does the "transfer most recent snapshot" require the normal or recycle option to be set?


3) Does "Match source catalog file to destination catalog file" have to be ON or OFF with "transfer the most recent snapshot" to tape?



Robert Vilhelmsen

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1) Yes, all the files are copied to tape, so you can restore all the client's files from tape.


2) I always use "Normal". (Well, OK, I do use "New Media backup" once a week, at weekends.)


3) I don't remember ever seeing that option, so I must be using the deafult (whatever that is).

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thank you.


Then if "most recent snapshot" includes all files from the latest snapshot from the client then it would be okay to do a recycle every day on the tapes.


I was just not completly sure that the most recent snapshot included all files (in case of a complete restore from tape).



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