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Error -102 (Trouble Communicating) with Quantum Superloader

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Setup: Retrospect 7.5.370

Quantum Superloader DLT-V4 DC w/8 tape cartridge

Windows XP


I frequently get Error -102 (Trouble Communicating). Once I acknowledge the dialog, the tape drive loads a new tape and the backup continues.


I have 3 backup sets which I rotate every 2 weeks. I am backing up (Proactive) 30 plus PC's which fills up three tapes. When a tape is full, the backup sets properties shows the tapes hold about 200gb each.


However, the Trouble Communicating error often occurs when 5 to 50 GB are on the tape.


What should I look for to prevent this error?


The system is set to never go to sleep and the disk never go to sleep.





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I have the exact same problem, the tape and library firmwares are updated to the latest version (31 and 43 respectively), I replaced the SCSI cable and used a shorter one, and I still have problems.


Backups are being done fine, but at some point, verify and restore operations are failing. with a -102 error


I'm in the process of opening a call at Quantum.


Anyone with the same problem ?

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