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Serious error encountered during backup: log provided


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Normal backup using DirectBackup at 4/10/2007 12:22 PM

To Backup Set RestorePoint...

-4/10/2007 12:22:01 PM: Copying Local Disk (C:)

Can't load Snapshot tree, error -641 (chunk checksum didn't match)

4/10/2007 12:30:25 PM: Execution incomplete

Remaining: 103253 files, 14.0 GB

Completed: 0 files, zero KB

Performance: 0.0 MB/minute

Duration: 00:08:24 (00:04:17 idle/loading/preparing)


Things had been working for several months, but crapped out on me lately (two weeks or so). I just installed the latest version (Retrospect Express HD 1.1), which produced this error during backup.


Any ideas?

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