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Incremental Backup not so Incremental

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Hi folks,


I tried to search on this problem but I wasn't successful. Apologies if it is already answered somewhere.


We are running Retrospect on a Windows 2000 server linked by TCP/IP to a Terastation standalone raid array (these things have, I believe, an XFS file system based on Linux Samba).


The problem is one of our specific backup jobs is backing up way more files every day than it should be. It is picking up files with a 'last modified' date of months or even years ago, and every day adding them to the backup job as new files. While at first I thought this might be a byproduct of the array system, it is only happening on one shared drive off of the array (it has half a dozen or so).


I would think if it was related to Samba or some other filesystem thing wrongly reporting a modified date than any and all files on the array would be backed up every night; instead it is just one specific shared folder.


The folders are shared with no access restrictions and there is no difference in the options that were used to share one folder over another.


Has anyone seen something like this where Retrospect is backing up files that already exist in the backup set? I'm not really sure where to start looking.


We are running Retrospect Multiserver version 7.5.324, Driver update/Hotfix version


Thanks for any suggestions!

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I too am experiencing the same issue when backing up emails files whose modified date was certaintly not the previous day and contain a large amount of data as well so backing up any uneccessary files is quite a chore. What I did which seems to work is make an exclusion in my backup script which is to exclude all files whose modified time and date is < now minus 16 hours. I have tried The reason excluding all files that are not modified on the current date, however, because my backups run over night and the date changes, when my backup runs into the next day it doesnt backup any of the files modified during the previous work day.


Just wondering why a "normal" backup would not do what its supposed to ... just back up new or changed files from the previous backup? is this a bug? or am i not understanding something?

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We are having that same issue here. Every file on our Servers is being backed up on a nightly basis using Retrospect's 'normal' backup type.

I was told it had something to do with our Antivirus but I have done some testing and found that not to be true. I was also told to uncheck 'back up file security information from servers' to resolve this issue, and that did not work either.

I do like your idea of setting the script not to back items up older than XX hours, but if the program is already built to do an incremental backup and it's not doing it, it shouldn't be up to us to have to fudge things. Just my thoughts...

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I couldnt agree more...even worse why I am spinning my wheels using such expensive broken software? I just upgraded the clients I have because the network performance was so poor with version .111 and i was beating myself over the head trying to figure out how to speed things up it wasn't till I started reading some posts here that I found out it was a bug in the client software. I just got off the phone with customer service and they say there are no known issues with the software. Hogwash I say. I have spent so much time trying to make this software do what it is says it can do that it would have been nice if someone at emc would just admit there is a problem and that they are working on a solution. Sorry to vent here but this can of worms everyday is getting kind of old.

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To All:


I think I may have found the solution to the incremental backup dilema. Look at the retrospect help section for a new member backup. Then look at its example. This seems to me to be an incremental backup... I am going to append this new member backup to my fulll backup that ran this weekend. I wll let you know how it goes. -- mtt

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I am not sure if this will help anyone here or not. I too could not figure out how to translate a typical GFS rotation to the way Retrospect 7.5 wants to do things. So I have rolled my own solution.


I wanted a weekely offsite full backup of our complete Retrospect NAS housed backups. For that I have two full (2 tape) backup sets housed on DLT-S4 (800 Gig native) tapes. This backup takes a couple days to get through my 1.3 Terabyte backup with AES encryption on my Quantum Autoloader 3 unit.


So one week I would do a full backup of all snapshots on full backup set A, and the next week I would do the same on full backup set B.


For my daily incrementalish backups I do a recycle backup on Monday that does only the most recent set and each day my daily normal backup adds to this backup the most recent backups. I manage these in sets A and B as well.


The daily A and B backups never get pulled out of my autochanger until I am ready to retire the media.


The last full weekend backup of the month goes into a month end tape rotation as well.


Unfortunately Retrospect does not seem to manage the rotation automatically and it takes me knowing a bit about what should go where, but so far it is working pretty well and offers some redundancy in case of problems.


Not sure if this helps anyone, but I know it took me a while to wrap my head around how to do what I needed to do.

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Hello folks,


I just wanted to post a note of appreciation for the suggestions. After doing some more monitoring it turned out two specific folders kept getting backed up in their entirety every night, regardless of file modified date.


The software in question was our CRM solution and Microsoft Sourcesafe - both fairly busy apps that use the disk heavily, but even so, only select files should have needed to be backed up every day.


What I ended up doing was adding a conditional selector to the script;


Modify Date >= TODAY minus 1 DAY


And this selector was placed for FILES ONLY - when I placed it on files AND folders, the same problem manifested above.


I ran things today and it "appears" okay, but it'll take a few more days to be sure it's not missing anything. I browsed some other threads and it seems we certainly weren't the only ones with the problem, which at least reassured me to some extent.


Thanks again for the suggestions all, hope the update helps.



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