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Where is restore.rbc?


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When I ran a disaster recovery CD, there was a message that the Win XP install can't find restore.rbc, and when Retro runs it says that there was an error and I have to do a manual restore -- I can't remember the actual message. I end up having to do a re-install of Windows XP and then install Retro and do the restore.



Retrospect Professional 7.5, Windows XP Pro SP2

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Yes, I have the same problem.

I have been using 6.5 for a couple years now without problems - never had the error.

Now I have a dell inspiron 9400 laptop with a sata hard drive. I tried quick and slow format options with same error. Burned two different cd's.

Some setup files are copied over, but it always stops at theh restore.rbc.

I wonder if you have a newer serial ata hard drive too?

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