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Backup to DVD-RAM

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I tried to do backups on a DVD-RAM. At the moment, I'm using the current trial version of Retrospect MultiServer V7.5.370 with Driver Update on my Thinkpad T60p notebook running Windows XP SP2. The drive for backups is the Multiburner HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4083N. In order to use DVD-RAMs for backup, the device has been set to "ignored" at "Devices" --> "Environment" (I'm using the german version of Retrospect, so I have to guess the english labels...)


The DVD-RAM has been formatted with Ahead InCD; the filesystem is UDF 2.0. Using such media as removable media outside Retrospect works without any problems.


In Retrospect, I created a Disk Backup set pointing to the DVD-RAM device. The Backup Jobs configured to use this DVD-RAM backup set work quite fine, when a new Backup Set Segment is created, but refuse to work, if data should be appended to an existing Backup Set Segment.


In such a case, Retrospect asks me to select the "1-Backup-Set A (D:)" At this point, I have the the following choices:




* "Open" -- Descends into that device

* "Choice" -- Allows me to skip this segment or mark this segment as missing.

Since I do not want to skip the medium (It contains enough space for the appended data) and the segment is obviously not missing, the only choice is "Open", but it descends into that device and if the lowest hierarchy is reached, the button is grayed out.


That's all for now. I hope somebody can help me.



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Why ever use any software and do it not manually?

I’m personally a control monster, a freak who rarely uses those software type of backups - because I don’t trust them very much. Besides, I’m the kind of guy that knows exactly where all my files are, and I have a standard procedure to backup to dvd manually everything I want.


Tips on successful file management :

1. Put all your work/business related files into “My Docs”. Do not scatter them outside. Same applies to music, videos, photos - keep them where they should be.

2. Keep a note that software settings (such as Illustrator pallette, or filetype settings that are customized for you) can be transferred via the Windows Files and Settings Transfer wizard. Use that and save just all application settings.

3. As for Outlook, you can simply copy the entire Microsoft Outlook data file, which contains all your mail account, calendar, contact, memo, task related infos as well as all emails/attachments. No need to export/import anything, just copy the whole damn datafile. Outlook.pst is the usual name, and if you have lots of data you may see archive.pst as well.



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