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Backup Errors: MD5 digest does not match

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I am getting a signficant number of errors in my backups similar to the following:


"Generated MD5 digest for file "...\mailbox.pst" does not match stored MD5 digest."



These particularly relate to video (e.g., mpg, vob, mp4), audio (e.g., mp3), and image (e.g., jpg, tif, pdf) files but also occasionally include *.pst and *.xls files.


Does this mean these files were not backed up? Why am I getting these errors? When I examine or use the related files, I do not see anything wrong with them.


Also, I notice that each next time the related backup script runs, it appears to be backing up those same files again even though I've specified a "Normal" what I thought was "Incremental" backup. Is that because these files were not backed up in the preceding backup routine because of these errors? So it is attempting it again?


How can I get rid of these types of errors?



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Similar question with proposed answer. I had two PICnnnnn.jpg files which produced this type of error for quite a while. Eventually, I noticed the distinctive names of the two files when I happened to be running through the quarantined files area. I was able to simply delete the files, and subsequent verify error messages (of course!) disappeared. Have you considered that the reported files are infected in some way?

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