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Catalog File out of sync with Backup Set


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My laptop hard drive crashed, but fortunately I had a complete backup from the day before the crash. I was able to install RE HD 1.0 from the original Maxtor CD and then apply the update and restore from the backup set (on a Maxtor OneTouch external UBS HD.) My problem is that I now can not do any backups. When I try I get the following error message:


Normal backup using DirectBackup at 4/5/2007 8:19 AM

To Backup Set RestorePoint...

-4/5/2007 8:19:48 AM: Copying Local Disk (C:)

Catalog File out of sync with Backup Set "RestorePoint".

To repair it, use Tools>Repair Catalog>Update existing Catalog File.


Anybody know where the "Tools" menu is? I am nervous about deleting the current rbc file, because every other time I've tried it, the new rbc file has not included any previous backup sets in the new catalog.



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Received same message: "Catalog File out of sync with Backup Set" and have been looking for the "Tools" menu also. It does not appear to exist -- is this something that is available only if you have upgraded? Also Confused

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You haven't mentioned which version of Retrospect you are using, but Tools is in the sidebar of Retrospect 7.5. In Express the sidebar has:





Activity Monitor




If you are using ExpressHD and you are seeing catalog corruption errors you can do the following:


- Navigate to the destination hard drive and open the Retrospect Restore Points folder.


- Delete the RestorePoint.rbc file.


- Re-launch Retrospect ExpressHD.

It will scan all local hard drives for existing Retrospect Restore Points folders and rebuild the RestorePoint.rbc catalog file based off of the backup data stored in the X:\Retrospect Restore Points\Retrospect folder.

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