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OS X Client and Password

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I'm trying to set up a client on a computer, and am having trouble logging in (from the Restrospect server). When I try to log it, it requests a password. I don't have the password (this client was originally installed, and used a few months ago, but is now not connected to the Retrospect server), so I can't log in.


There doesn't seem to be anywhere on the client to change the password.


I looked through the knowledge-base, and the one article I found on the subject suggested that the only solution was to uninstall the client, reboot and then reinstall the client. I did this (a couple of times), but each time, the settings from the client install remain the same.


Is there an easier, better way to zero the client settings and/or change the password? Any other related suggestions?



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Dragged to trash, of course! :-)


Will try the other option.


Seriously, though, does anybody know where the client stores its settings? It seems odd that a) there's no way to change the password in question programmatically and B) there is no preferences file or similar thing that can be deleted, rather than the whole uninstall/reinstall business. Any suggestions?

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