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I am in the process of doing a large restore to an internal hard drive. I had looked to see that I had enough HD space and I made sure I had about 500M extra....well as you might guess, I got an "operation incomplete" (or was it "execution incomplete"?) with about 27gigs completed and about 5 gigs to go.




What I am wondering is: does retrospect give you the option to continue the restore to another destination?




and isnt' there a way to get Retrospect to check on available HD space before beginning a restore?




Neither appear to be the case and I am VERY frustrated. I can't find anything in the manual about even making sure you've got enough HD space....and, after all , you'd think Retrospect would check for you before you spend hours tying up your computer, loading in tapes, etc....




Thanks in advance,



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First, please verify the version of Retrospect that you are using. There are no Ecrix drives qualified for use with Retrospect 4.2.




Second, how is the hard drive formatted - as Macintosh Standard or Macintosh Extended? If the data was originally backed up from a Macintosh Extended format drive, and is now being restored to a Macintosh Standard volume, you very well may run out of room.




For more information on file systems and file allocation block sizes (the amount of room a file takes over on a volume), please see:





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i just checked and sure enough, my retrospect is 4.2. I've been using the Ecrix (now Exabyte) VXA-1 drive for over 2 years now. I've been under the impression that the VXA-1 drive was approved for use with retro 4.2, in fact i'm pretty they came bundled together. But if i need to update for some reason, I'd like to find out for sure.




FWIW, I believe that the data was backed up from a Mac Standard drive and resotred to a Mac Extended drive...but in any case i read the technote referred me to. thank you.




also would love to get definitive answers to my previous questions.




1. when a restore is stopped due to a full disk, is there anyway to change the destination for the remainder of the restore?




2. is there any way for retro to gauge whether a restore will fit onto the destination drive?







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As you did not mention which version of the VXA-1 drive you are using, I am unable to point you to a specific detail page. However, you can go to the device search engine, and do a search for VXA-1. On the results page, click on the link applicable to your device, and you will see the minimum requirements for your drive.








Answers to your questions:


1. No, there is not a way to change the destination volume during a restore.


2. Retrospect does check before the restore to ensure that enough space is available.




You should not be getting these errors during a restore. This could indicate a problem with the destination drive. Make sure the drive is formatted as Extended format, and use a disk utility to check the integrity of the drive.

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thanks. wow, i checked and yes, the vxa-1 scsi is not officially supported until version 4.3.


i'm a bit miffed in that ecrix sold me the drive bundled with version 4.2.


I looked on the upgrade page and didn't see any option for upgrading 4.2 to 4.3. I emailed customer support with this problem. Do you have any further suggestions?








ps i double checked and the drive is mac standard format not extended. i had reformatted that drive recently expreessly to make it extended but i must have goofed. i guess that changes things, but i probably still ought to upgrade, no?

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I did some checking, and it looks like this drive was originally qualified with 4.2. The minimum version was changed to accomodate slow performance issues some customers were experiencing. You can use 4.2 with this drive, and I apologize for any confusion.

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that's good news.


wondering then if it might still benefit me to upgrade to 4.3 as my transfer speed seems to peak at around 153 megs per minute. would that put me in the "slow performance" camp?




mac g4/500


os 9.04


vxa -1 scsi


initio u2w scsi card

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