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Any way to move a disk backup set or automate changing destination of proactive scripts?

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I have a large raid array. I want to move an online disk backup set at the end of the week to a new disk backup set on the same volume. Is there a time saving way to do this that does not involve hours of backup set transfers?


The idea here is that I want two weeks of backups stored online. There seems to be no automatic way to redirect a proactive backups destination to a different set at the end of the week. So I thought instead I could always have proactives pointing at the same set and just move the data in the set to a new online at the end of the week.


I've tried manually moving the files in command prompt thinking I could automate this in a batch file. But, of course, when I try to recatalog it will only allow me to recatalog using the original name of the set.


Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Perhaps I am thinking of this in the wrong way. I was originally thinking to alternate the destination of the proactive scripts each week, but there seems to be no automatic way to do this, and I don't want to trust manually changing the destination.


Thanks for any help you can provide.



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