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Any advice for wireless backups to a NAS?

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Hi all,


New to Retrospect, but long-time respect.


Anyone's advice for this home-office setup is welcome: I've got two Mac OS 10.4.9 hosts: an iMac G5 and a MacBook Pro with CoreDuo Intel CPU. Both systems have 2GB of RAM, and both are connected to an 802.11G (~25Mb/s max throughput due to typical WEP/signaling overhead) home network. Also on the home net is our Infrant Corp 'ReadyNAS 600' network-attached storage box (NAS). The NAS runs an embedded Linux, and has 455GB free storage across a three-disk RAID-5 array with a hot-spare stand-by disk.


I intend to use the NAS for backing up the two Macintosh machines. It is mounted on both machines via AFP.


I have installed Retrospect for the Mac v6.1/latest on both machines and begun to work on a back-up strategy. I am using the 'file' based back-up strategy, as FTP isn't necessary (the NAS is directly mounted on the desktop of both Macs via AFP), and I have no desire to buy tape drives or use CDs/DVDs.


Using Retrospect has been painful: the software is highly unresponsive (almost hung, but really just very sluggish to respond) and backing up 60GB, without compression, with verification, takes closer to 40 hours when network numbers point to ~6 hours being more appropriate. (in the Finder I can copy 60GB is about that time.) The network is clean, the NAS is fast enough to keep up with 100Mb networking, and I can confirm the CPUs on both machines are not overloaded, and both can easily saturate the wireless network's maximum capabilities when tossing around files normally. I guess I'm averaging ~4Mb/s when much more should be possible.


Also, I know full backups should take a while, but even incremental backups are quite long and the software remains unresponsive.


Any advice for making the software easier to live with (responsiveness) or the whole situation faster?





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