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How do i see the file size of snapshots and grooming.

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I would like to see how much space a user's snapshot/session is.


This way i can goto their computer ad exclude files.


I have a 3TB array, but even with that i can only store a month or so of backups (backup once every 5 days)


Also with grooming .. is there a way i can groom/remove files that match critera?


For example i have backups that contain files i dont want backed up .. so i would like to remove all *.iso files that have been backed up. Can i do that?

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Also i dont want to delete old backups, i just want to prune out files / folders that should not be backuped up due to new exclusions .. Exclusions added since inital backup.


Also i would like to be able to delete snapshot/sessions of computers no longer being backuped.


I dont wont to groom to size, i want all my prior backups ...

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