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Copy entire disk image using Express HD / Maxtor One Touch ?


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I need to upgrade my primary (C:) drive which is too full (its only 15Gb). I want to copy the contents

to my Maxtor One Touch external drive and then restore the copy back to a replacement (and much

larger) primary drive.


If I take a copy of the C: will it copy everything ? The entire image ? Such that all I need to do is

restore the image onto the new drive ?


I'll buy disk imaging software if I have to ... but if I can manage with Express and all wink.gif





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Nobody has responded, so let me take a hopefully correct swag at it:


I don't believe Retrospect is an imaging program, period. It copies files, but that won't help your particular situation. It is fine for doing the job of creating periodic backups, of course.


You need an imaging product - perhaps the 15 day trial of Acronis True Image 10.0, which is what I used when I recently changed to a bigger disk in one machine.



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